Saturday, 5 April 2014

My New Flawless Foundation and Highlight/Contour Tutorial

Foundation routine with full face makeup

foundation routine without full face make-up

Hello everyone, 

Hope you all doing great!!! I've been wanting to share my new foundation and contour/highlight video with you guys as I had not made one in a while and all my products have drastically changed and I am absolutely in love with my current routine. So please watch the video below.

Sunday, 30 March 2014


Hey everyone, 

Happy Mother's Day! I have just returned from an eventful naming ceremony which was great fun! My cousin had her second child and what a coincidence that the event fell a day before Mother's day. Lately I have been getting quite distracted from the most important things in life which is family, friends, love and people in general. It's sometimes very easy to forget that those are the ones that make life worth living and also validate your dreams. I was filled with so much excitement as I had not seen them in a while and during the event I got to meet my cousins I had never met before. It was lots of banter and filled with so much culture I forgot how much I missed and loved that. So today I am not only going to celebrate Mother's day but celebrate the joy of life and people around us that make life worth while.

Before I left for the weekend, I recorded my TMI tag which you guys should check out and in the video I wore my first ever made garment which is a milk made top. It makes me look like a baby doll so I therefore paired it with my jelly sandals to make me look even more like a doll. (haha). Hope you enjoy!xxx

Friday, 21 March 2014

Pink Friday + Thinking of being a clothing retailer?

Hello everyone,

Today's post is going to be about buying clothes in Wholesale and retailing it off. I was contacted by a wholesale company that specialises in all sorts of clothing and also home products and gadgets. I thought I'd accept their offer as I thought it maybe useful for those of you looking to venture into businesses of your own that require this sort of opportunity. 

Sammy dress is an Asian based company and all their clothes seem pretty up to trend and they are very affordable so it is perfect for those of you who are looking to dropship or online sell or face to face. I was sent the pink fur gilet and so far the quality is ok, true to price I suppose. As far as quality is concerned it is like buying a piece of clothing from Primark or Missguided. I hope I have helped enough, for any more details send me an email: or leave a comment below.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Cotton Candy

The sun has been glistening with tons of joy and all of a sudden when it disappears that horrid winter weather comes back. British weather like no other is extremely bipolar, up to the point that it is contagious we all catch the disease. It is great getting up in the morning to the beautiful hardcore sun however, do not be deceived by wearing your ever so revealing summer clothing. I advice that you embrace this spring with knits that compliment spring colours but also ensuring you stay warm so as not to catch a cold.

 Here I am wearing shaggy fur cardigan from Choies, Grey Vest from primark, Shorts from Topshop, Shoes: Necklace: Coyote J

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Tears and Desserts

I had quite an eventful day today, quite different from how all my other days have been. On a Thursday, I usually have classes from 1 pm-8 pm yes I know is extremely daunting! and I seriously don't know how I do it. However , I do have a 1 hour break between 5 pm-6 pm and today I totally utilized my break efficiently. My mates and me headed down to the new famous desserts parlour in my town. It was such a beautiful day as the sun was out and everyone was bubbling with excitement. When we arrived at scoops, I was the only one that ordered a different type of dessert compared to the rest. I ordered the Bubblegum Strawberry Sundae topped with biscuits and marshmallows. (mmmmm the thought of it right now...divine! ) The rest all ordered ice-cream with waffles and nutella chocolate sauce and Bananas. 

After all of that indulgent, I cannot help but feel completely guilty and I am ready for a serious work out and detox tomorrow. Hope you enjoy the pictures. xoxo
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