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Friday, 30 May 2014

My Black Wishlist- high street edit

My black wishlist

My black wishlist by tomidf featuring a crop top
Since when did I become a black obsessed maniac? I think it was when I religiously started stalking Coco Chanel and made it part of my everyday ritual. Who would have thought neutrals were the new summer/spring trends. To be honest with all the political mess and sufferings going round the world its only fair that we mourn the mood with black and also offset it with whites,  metallics and greys.
Neutrals are very chic and goes perfectly well with many skin tones and body shapes. I will happily embrace it into my wardrobe plus is it just me or the highstreet is really delivering chic-ness (my diction lol!) into their stores?. It should be kept that way because then we all wouldn't have an excuse for overspending just because we are looking for that perfect pair of Alexander Wangs' that we can't get anywhere but thanks to our attentive high street shops we can get dupes and still look tres chic.
What would you be wearing this summer and what is in your wishlist?

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Xiao Li - Pastel Hues, Knits & Volume

                                                               Source: Xiao-li
"Xiao Li was born in China and educated in London. She studied BA womenswear at London College Of Fashion and MA womenswear knitwear at The Royal College Of Art, graduating in 2013".
Source: Fashionscount
I reacted in awe when I saw Xiao Li's work, the feeling was rather uplifting than disappointing. I do love a bit of pastels, lots of volume and to top it, they are all in knits. Her collection stands out like fur amongst leather. I would love to attend her show some day in the future.

Summer Style Inspiration

Summer is slowly approaching and this means we are all going to be outdoors most of the time, so a nice stylish wardrobe is highly essential and most importantly a good toned body to make your outfit look extra stylish. If you still want to go on the 90 day weightless or fitness challenge, don't forget to join the challenge with me here:  As fashionistas believe in setting trends and not necessarily following one, I have decided to create a mood board which consists of various textures and hues for my summer wardrobe.  I'm really loving white, metallic, satin, silk and bespoke tailored pieces at the moment, this is because I am currently working  and I feel they are great pieces to dress up and dress down. I'm quite obsessing over Altuzarra aswell, the new York based designer so a lot of my inspiration came from his spring summer 2014 collection. 
Let me know what fashion pieces you are loving this summer. xxx